Awesome / The Hour

  • The absolute crowner has to be the broadcast from 1.06. To recap - Freddie manages to get Lord Elms to speak on The Hour about his disillusionment of the current government, despite intense pressure from said government. Hector purposefully throws the show; instead of showing off, getting the big story, he lets Freddie do the interview. Bel refuses to cave to pressure from Clarence and Douglas to shut the show down (ultimately getting fired for her refusal). Finally, Freddie blows the whole story of the Soviet mole (i.e. Clarence) wide open, getting his own brand of justice for Ruth.
  • Freddie and the team don't do too badly in the Season 2 finale, either. Freddie pulls a fifteen minute Holding the Floor with Cilenti, giving Kiki time to testify on The Hour about the El Paradis scandals. Kiki pulls out said testimony, naming her abuser on national television, as well as other elected officials that have been part of Cilenti's deals. Professionally, Hector gives the best interview of his career; personally, he agrees to raise Marnie's child, knowing it isn't his.