Funny: The Golden Child

  • The scene at the airport where Numspa attempts to have Jarrell arrested. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome as Jarrell foils the attempt by pointing out that if he's arrested, the Ajanti Dagger will end up in an evidence locker until after the trial, anywhere from a month to a year - more than enough time to turn his quest into even more of a mockery than it already is.
    Jarrell: *speaks in a goofy accent* My brother has forgiven me! (kisses cheek)
  • The scene wherein Jarrell tries to sneak into a place via a shortcut through a suburban backyard and suddenly finds himself awkwardly facing the family who lives there in mid-cookout. "Sorry. I didn't mean to frighten anyone. I just...I just want some chips. I just want some chips." (pointing gun) "Turn that over, man, it's burning! It's burning, turn it over!"
  • Jarrell makes a scary noise upon entering the maze.
    Jarrell: It's a piece of cake! Oooooeeeeeoooooohh!
  • Jarrell calls Kee Nang "Agent 69".
  • The Golden Child makes friends with one of the really dumb bad guy by bringing a soda can to life, and having it do a little dance number.
  • A variation on Punch! Punch! Punch! Uh Oh....
    Jarrell: (walks into room to kill Numspa, grins, raises knife) My dear, sweet brother Numsie!
    Sardo Numspa: (transforms into demon)
    Jarrell: (makes Oh Crap! face) I can see you're busy right now. I'll come back some other time. (runs awaaaay)
  • The Old Man knows Jarrell all to well.
    The Old Man: Keep your thought as pure as the water.
    Jarrell: Hey, this water ain't really that pure.
    The Old Man: Un-heh, neither are you.
  • And after he gets the knife.
    Jarrell: I got the knife... now turn on the goddamn lights!