Funny / The Golden Voyage of Sinbad

  • While Sinbad and the others are working to escape the latest Death Trap they've gotten trapped in, Haroun manages to make a fool of himself...again.
    Sinbad: Make a rope, out of your turbans and sashes.
    Haroun: (takes off his sash) Come on everyone, use your turbans and sashes. (his pants promptly fall down)
    • Actually, Haroun is pretty much the cause of all the funny moments in the film.
    • When they arrive on Lemuria:
    Sinbad: "I was surprised you volunteered."
    Haroun: "Land! Any land is good for these legs!"
    Sinbad: "Even dangerous land?"
    Haroun: "Dangerous?! You never said it was dangerous!"
    Sinbad: "You Didn't Ask."
  • May or may not be intentional, but when Margiana's owner dismisses her as "a worthless slave." There aren't many men who would look at her and think "Worthless."
  • In the original home video release, the closed captions reveal that Koura's spells are breakfast cereal slogans spelled backwards.