Funny / The Far Side

  • Many of the "In Hell" comics
    Devil: You know, I just don't think we're reaching that guy...
    • Two men sitting on a bench, surrounded by fire, brimstone and a couple devils torturing damned souls. One man leans in and whispers to the other...
    Man: I hate this place.
  • As a bunch of trenchcoated mobsters are moving around pieces of furniture in a room, their leader is telling the homeowner: "The boss wants his money, see? Or next time it won't just be your living room we'll rearrange."
    • The gangster with his hands out in front of him as if to judge whether the sofa works in its new location really sells this one.
  • A guy is showing his buddy his pet Tyrannosaurus Rex, which he keeps in a pit with a trap door over it. The buddy is saying "Eat anything, huh? I bet a dollar he won't eat my pocket knife!" The caption: "Mitch loses a dollar."
  • Similarly, a man in an orchestra is holding only one cymbal - his other hand is empty. The man thinks, "This time I won't screw up! I won't, I won't, I won't, I won't..." The caption: "Roger screws up."
  • Similarly, one singer in a chorus takes that fraction-of-a-second between the choir finishing a song and the audience starting to applaud to belch out the phrase "That's all, folks!"
  • Two policemen are confronting a man dressed in a chicken suit with a bird cage on his head holding a mallet surrounded by several unconscious people. The caption: "Well, I'll be darned! He DOES have a license to do that!"'
  • At a butler's convention, two cops are examining the corpse of a murdered butler, surrounded by men in butler uniforms. Caption: "Rawlings, I hate starting a week like this."
  • "So this sailor dude whips out a can of spinach, this crazy music starts playing, and well... Just look at this place!"
  • Frankenstein's monster, Frankenstein himself, and igor are all eating at a diner when the monster, having had enough of Igor, jumps up from the table and gives Igor an earful, all the while Frankenstein is looking genuinely embarrassed and having a very painful looking Luminescent Blush by the whole thing as everyone in the diner is staring at the table with Oh, Crap! expressions.
    The Monster: All right, that's it! I may be a reanimated corpse put together from dismembered body parts, but at least I'm not a hunchbacked little grave robber like you!
    • In another strip, the Doctor is checking his watch and complaining about how much time Igor was taking to simply get a brain - with Igor standing at the doorway with an Oh, Crap! expression and dragging a train.
  • A dog pulls a gun on his owner while said owner is eating dinner. The dog says, "Alright, bucko, I'm through with begging."
  • At the Midvale School for the Gifted, a student strains trying to push the door, clearly labeled "Pull," open.
    • What really makes this funny is that this is likely a situation we've all been in at some point or another. Too easy to relate to.
  • Two explorers find their colleague's journal, surrounded by torn clothes showing that he was ripped to pieces. The journal's last entry says that he's now won the confidence of a group of "giant but gentle" gorillas, and tomorrow will test their sense of humor with a joy buzzer.
  • The famous "Jane Goodall" comic: both the strip itself and the story behind it.
    Female Chimp: (grooming her husband) "Well, well, well; another blonde hair. Conducting a little more 'research' with that Jane Goodall tramp?"
  • A mother is in her son's bedroom and saying, "Now go to sleep, Kevin! Or once again I'll have to knock three times and summon the floating head of death!" Below, the father is holding a balloon with a scary face painted on it that floats just outside the window.
  • A terrified crying woman is at the police station talking to a detective, while one of the officers is slowly reaching behind her.
    Detective: Try to relax, ma'am. You say it was dark, you were alone in your house, when suddenly you felt a hand reach from behind and... JOHNSON! Knock it off!
  • A man is at a woman's house pointing to a purple blobish creature sitting in the corner.
    Woman: Whoa, Mr. Lewis! We don't know what that thing is, or where is came from, but after what happened to the dog last week, we advise people not to touch it.
  • A rejected cartoon from the Prehistory of the Far Side, with two bears standing in the woods:
    Bear: Is it true? Is it true? Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear...well, I know you do, Angelo."
  • A flying saucer has landed with alien invaders made of bricks whose limbs are planks of wood. Outside of a martial arts dojo.
  • "They just waltzed in, grabbed the cat, and waltzed out," is the caption for a pair of dogs dancing together into a dance studio toward a cat calmly sitting in the middle of the floor.
  • A creepy man has a table set up on the sidewalk of a city with various glass bottles set out with labels like "The Willies" and "The Heebie Jeebies."
  • A fat woman is holding desperately onto a parkmeter so as not to get sucked into a candy store.
  • "Now let me get this straight...We hired you to babysit the kids, and instead you cooked and ate them both?" An obvious Wicked Witch eating the kids she was supposed to watch over is darkly funny enough on its own, but what really seals it is the emphasis on the word "both," implying that's what's got the parents so ticked off.
  • In the Prehistory collection, Gary Larson explains that some papers would occasionally switch around captions by mistake between The Far Side and other single-panel comics. Most of the time, they were just confusing and odd, but one example he shows accidentally struck comedy gold:
    The Far Side: *A family of snakes sits down to dinner, with the child snake complaining* "It's a good thing I learned how to make peanut butter sandwiches or we'd have starved to death by now!"
    Dennis the Menace (US): *Dennis and a friend are eating sandwiches* "Oh brother, not hamsters again!"
    • Another one made The Far Side simply meaningless, but the effect on Dennis the Menace more than makes up for it.
    The Far Side: *A caveman fortune teller looks into a crystal ball for a customer* "If I get as big as dad, won't my skin be too tight?"
    Dennis the Menace: *Dennis talks to his parents as they share a very uncomfortable look* "I see your little petrified skull, labeled and resting on a shelf somewhere."
    • Finally, there was the time the captions for two Far Side strips got mixed up, resulting in a "kid exterminator" pointing up into a tree full of tire swings and treehouses and saying:
    Eeeny-ooony-wanah! Eeeny-ooony-wanah!