Funny / For Better or for Worse

  • Teenaged Michael becomes obsessed with a zit on his nose, and asks his long-suffering friend Gordon to take his place on a date. He tells Gordon to come up with a believable excuse but forbids him from mentioning the zit. Gordon's explanation? "Michael has mentally wigged out."
  • At a music competition, a malfunction on April's guitar, combined with the superior skill of the preceding band, costs them the win. April then loudly complains that "(her) G-string broke!"
  • Young Michael asking about his mom's pregnancy:
    Michael: Really, Mommy? You have a baby in your tummy? (Pries open her mouth and looks inside.)
  • Mike ends up with Mr. B's corpse in his freezer by accident. Lovey finds it, steals it, and tells him she's going to cook it. Turns out she was just teasing him, but she really had him going there.
  • John at work orders the music being played at his office changed and classical music starts playing. He finds that an improvement but yells, "How can I fix teeth if you are waltzing with the patients?" as he sees her doing just that with a big smile.
  • April is playing superhero... and uses Liz's bra as a slingshot. When Liz tattles on her, Elly is too busy laughing.
  • Deanna's mom, ordinarily a real stickler... Flat out TROLLS the Klepfroths. Just the way Johnston drew it is hilarious.
  • In an early strip, Elly gets mad at young Elizabeth for spilling nail polish in the sink and breaking Elly's new lipstick. Elizabeth's defence for both incidents is "It was a accident." Elly grumbles, "Kids! Why did I ever have kids!" Elizabeth replies, "Daddy says it was a accident."