Funny / The Devil's Rejects

  • Charley and his assistant go to buy some chicken for dinner, and the farmer selling it asks if they've ever fucked a chicken... and starts providing a lot more information than either of them could have possibly required. For good measure, the farmer attempts to row back by claiming that Charley's assistant looks sexually frustrated enough to have tried it himself, which naturally results in the normally sedate assistant completely flying off the handle.
  • Tutti-fucking-Frutti!
  • "Consider me fuckin' Willy-Fuckin'-Wonka. This is MY fuckin' chocolate factory, you got it? My factory!!!!" Oh Otis.
    • This leads into an equally hilarious outtake: "I MAKE THE FUCKIN' CHOCOLATE! I MAKE THE FUCKIN' CHOCOLATE! Where's that guy with the stick?"