Funny: The Brothers Grimm

From the Terry Gilliam Film

  • The whole film in general. When it's not attacking the viewer with bizarre Nightmare Fuel, it's downright hysterical.
  • When they arrive at Marbaden and a tomboy tells her father about the Grimm's when the suspicious village is holding them at gunpoint:
    Will: Look at this strapping young lad!
    Peasant: "He" is my daughter.
    Will: (Beat) And a fine wife he'll make some lucky man!
  • Cavaldi is a riot and a scene-stealer at all times he appears.
  • "Trust the toad!"
  • At one point in the film, the wolf shakes its head at a character's stupidity.

Once Upon a Brothers Grimm

  • Wilhelm runs into a witch who gives him the enchanted cloak.
    Wilhelm: Jakob? Is that you?
    Witch: Do I look like a Jacob to you?
  • Wilhelm is stuffing himself with the goodies the witch of Hansel and Gretel made.
    Jakob: She never washes her hands before she bakes!
  • Jakob suddenly finds himself in the bed of Red Riding Hood's grandma, in her nightgown. He hears a knock on the door (the Big Bad Wolf) and shouts "Go away! There's no one home!".