!! From the Creator/TerryGilliam [[Film/TheBrothersGrimm Film]]
* The whole film in general. When it's not attacking the viewer with bizarre NightmareFuel, it's downright hysterical.
* When they arrive at Marbaden and a tomboy tells her father about the Grimm's when the suspicious village is holding them at gunpoint:
-->'''Will''': Look at this strapping young lad!
-->'''Peasant''': "He" is my daughter.
-->'''Will''': ({{Beat}}) And a fine wife he'll make some lucky man!
* [[Creator/PeterStormare Cavaldi]] is a riot and a scene-stealer at all times he appears.
-->'''Cavaldi:''' The Great Cavaldi ''never'' panics.
-->[Sees a small fluffy cat nuzzle his leg]
-->'''Cavaldi:''' [[ScreamsLikeALittleGirl AHHHHHHHHHH!]]
-->[kicks the cat into the spinning blades of his torture device, shredding it into burger]
* "Trust the toad!"
* At one point in the film, the wolf shakes its head at a character's stupidity.

!! ''Once Upon a Brothers Grimm''
* Wilhelm runs into a witch who gives him the enchanted cloak.
-->'''Wilhelm:''' Jakob? Is that you?\\
'''Witch:''' Do I look like a Jakob to you?
* Wilhelm is stuffing himself with a piece of the witch's house.
-->'''Wilhelm:''' Want some gingerbread?\\
'''Jakob:''' No! That woman never washed her hands before she baked!\\
''(Wilhelm eats it anyway)''
* Jakob suddenly finds himself in the bed of Red Riding Hood's grandma, in her nightgown. He hears a knock on the door (the Big Bad Wolf) and shouts "Go away! There's no one home!".
* This dialogue:
-->'''Wilhelm:''' I don't know your name. I just know that you're a jackass.\\
'''Jackass:''' Well, that's my name. [[ADogNamedDog Jackass]]. You can call me Jack.
* The air-headed Little Red Riding Hood.
* Literature/TomThumb prefers to be called "Selfish and Mean".
* And this:
-->'''Wilhelm:''' Jakob? You're a...\\
'''Jakob:''' I may look like a swan! But I am ''not'' a swan!\\\
'''Wilhelm:''' Why are you a swan?\\
'''Jakob:''' ''(flaps his wings frantically)'' Just forget it!