Funny / The Brothers Bloom

  • "That's my new favorite camel."
  • When Stephen re-recruits Bloom. In Montenegro.
    Stephen: (stands) Come here, I wanna show you something.
    Bloom: I'm quits. (beat) Where we going?
    Stephen: New Jersey.
    Bloom: ...lemme grab my coat.
  • I never understood Bloom's line "'78 Caddy? Controversial choice," but it always made me laugh anyway. As it turns out, writer/director Rian Johnson said in an interview that it was something a college roommate of his used to say just to annoy people. And now the line is hilarious.
  • Bloom's line about "insinuating yourself into their personal lives" as Penelope walks past him with her gown open... funny and fancervice in one shot!
  • The hobby montage.
    Penelope: ...I will throw my right chainsaw into the air and I will catch...
  • The "tiny, tiny explosion" blowing off an entire turret of the building. It's even one of the only times Bang Bang talks: "FUCK ME!"
  • Bang Bang's particular brand of eccentrics. For instance, peeling an apple at breakfast, then tossing the apple overboard over her shoulder and proceeding to munch on the peel.
  • Bloom's recounting of an adventure in Jakarta.
    Stephen: (charging a couple of thugs) Have at thee, you ham-headed bastards!!
    Stephen: (is pushed to the deck and dragged offscreen) Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!
  • From the DVD commentary with director Rian Johnson and producer Ram Bergman:
    Johnson: So this is near the end of the shoot, when we were completely out of money, and at the mention of money, my head turns to Ram.
    Bergman: We were not out of money, I just told you we were out of money.
    Johnson: Son of a— (funny noise of incredulity) seriously?
    Bergman: Seriously.