Trivia / The Brothers Grimm

  • Fake Nationality: The German lead characters are played by an American and an Australian, the (presumably) German Queen is played by an Italian, the Italian Torture Technician is played by a Swede, and the French general is played by an Englishman.
  • Money, Dear Boy: According to the DVD commentary this is the reason Gilliam took the helm on this project in the first place.
  • Playing Against Type: Terry Gilliam had talked Matt Damon out of wanting to play Will, intending the part for Heath Ledger. When Ledger read the script, he told Gilliam he wanted to play Jakob, surprising both Gilliam and Damon with the choice. Gilliam has stated he hopes audiences will be as excited to see the two playing against type as he was to direct them that way.
  • Retroactive Recognition: You see Lena Headey before playing 300 and Game of Thrones.