Funny / The Blind Side

  • One of Leigh Anne's cousin's reaction to seeing Michael on the family Christmas card:
    Cousin: Y'all know there's a colored boy on your Christmas card?
  • "I was taking him to the bus. It was time for him to go home."
  • "Hey Deliverance! That's MY son!"
  • When Leigh Anne calls the coach from the bleachers on the phone during a game to tell him what to do; when he realizes who it is, he holds the phone high in the air and hangs up. Leigh Anne: "I can't believe he hung up on me!!" Sean: "Maybe he lost service..."
  • "If you impregnate a girl out of wedlock I will personally crawl into my car, come up here, and cut off your penis."
    • "She means it, too."
  • "Who'd have thought we'd have a black son before we knew a Democrat?"
  • Michael's training montage with SJ.
  • The scene where Michael meets with the college representatives. Particularly SJ's bargaining.