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Heartwarming: The Blind Side
  • Leigh Anne turning off the football game to have a family Thanksgiving dinner around a dining table, and then the Tuohy children offering their hands to Michael when saying Grace.
  • Leigh Anne reading The Story of Ferdinand to Michael and SJ, with Collins secretly listening in the hallway.
  • Leigh Anne using the photo that included Michael for the Tuohys' Christmas cards.
  • Leigh Anne's assertion at her luncheon that it wasn't just that she changed Michael's life, but that he changed hers.
  • Michael always sits alone in study hall, until Collins leaves her study table to sit with him instead.
  • Michael instinctively saving SJ from being seriously injured or killed during their car accident.
  • The picture at the end with the real Michael hugging his momma Leigh Anne.
  • Seriously, just any time Leigh Ann calls Michael her son and any time Michael reciprocates by calling her Mama.
  • "I... kind of thought I was [a part of the family]."
  • Michael going inside a restaurant, talking and hugging his brother. It really hits hard when you realize how little he gets to see his family.
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