Awesome / The Blind Side

  • Leigh Anne interrupting Coach Cotton's practice to put Michael in an effective athletic mindset by telling him to imagine the football team as family.
  • When Michael, after hearing Coach Cotton defend him against a racist referee, blocks the opposing defensive lineman for the Lions off the field.
  • Michael tackling, then carrying, a racist player all the way to the end zone. And when asked why? "It was time for him to go home."
    • Michael (up until then a very placid stoic) finally shows some fire against a teasing opponent by dragging him all the way to the end of the field with the intention of putting him back on his team's bus. He's cited for "Excessive blocking". The video of this is what gets college interested in him, so even they recognize it as awesome.
  • The NCAA Division I college football head coaches staring in amazement at their computer screens after receiving the video of Michael's blocking sent to them by SJ.
  • When an unarmed Michael lays the smackdown on the armed drug dealers who make sexual comments about Leigh Anne and Collins.
  • Leigh Anne facing down drug dealers as she searches for Michael.
    Alton: You hear me, bitch?
    (Leigh Ann turns to face Alton)
    Leigh Ann: No, you hear me, bitch. You threaten my son, you threaten me. You so much as cross into downtown, you will be sorry. I'm in a prayer group with the D.A.—I'm a member of the N.R.A. and I'm always packin'.
    Alton: What you got there? .22? A little Saturday night special?
    Leigh Ann: Yep. And it shoots just fine every other day of the week, too.