Funny / The Big O

  • From the first episode: After Roger forces Dorothy to act as a decoy for the gangsters while he activates a missile from his car, the next scene shows a beat-up Dorothy getting in Roger's car and calling him a louse. Roger's response: "Well, that's a first. I'm used to human women saying that to me."
  • Beck completes his Villain Decay in the Breather Episode "The Greatest Villain," all leading up to this spooftastic scene. Made even funnier when you see that they're fighting in a place that's based off of Japan.
    • Heck, the whole episode's a concentrated mass of all the comedy they can cram into an otherwise serious show. From the gratuitious Japanese, Dorothy being a negotiator and mimicking Roger's drive-by scenes with a bicycle, Roger's bust, Beck's Crazy Awesome plan involving forks, lightning, and Roger's bust, Dastun playing Only Sane Man, Dorothy providing Ship Tease between her and Roger (she was joking), the combining robot above being destroyed in mid-pose by Big O's O Thunder in 2 seconds...the list goes on.
    • Dorothy's fake declaration of love is even funnier when you notice Roger seems to think she's serious (and is afraid she'll abandon the negotiation...)
    • This episode also doesn't waste time destroying the normal film-noir trappings of the series and replacing them with slapstick and ironic moments.
    • Beck uses the Roger bust to activate Big O, makes it mindlessly wander around the city for a while, and then has the bust drive off a cliff into the sea. Just when it seems like the Big is going to follow, it stops mid-stride and just kinda hangs there on the edge of the cliff while balancing on one foot. There's a very deliberate "You didn't think I'd actually fall for that?" vibe to the scene, almost as if Big O was trolling Beck the entire time.
  • Norman breaks glass to get an ax to break down a door where Dorothy is, after struggling getting it up for a moment and ready to strike, Dorothy just pushes the door down and asks Norman if he is ready to go. Norman mumbles out a yes.
  • "I want my peaceful mornings!"
  • Even Norman gets a line when he sees Roger is buying a bouquet.
    "Is that for me? Oh, Roger, it is really unnecessary."
    • And then Dorothy adds to it:
    "Those flowers... did you get them for Norman?"
  • From 'Day of the Advent':
    Dorothy: Roger, you do know it is rude to read the newspaper during breakfast.
    Roger: I know. *Continues Reading*