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Nightmare Fuel: The Big O
  • R-D. There is nothing freakier than seeing what amounts to a clone of Dorothy(an emotionally subdued but otherwise nice girl), Slasher Smile and all, screaming maniacally at Roger just as she's about to put a bullet through him. If nothing else, that face...
    • Also a 'face scare' is Beck's horrifying visage in the dark in his last appearance within the manga.
    • Another is in the finale, with the eerily grinning and skeletal Big Venus.
    • There's also the Megadeus that Schwartwald finds during Episode 4 if memory serves, the very creepy one that tries to "make friends" with Dorothy through unorthodox means. Nightmare fuel indeed.
      • Made even worse in one episode of the second season: While being repaired, we see the Big O without its faceplate. It has the exact same head as the Megadeus from that episode. In other words, that thing is what the Big O looks like under all that armor.
      • Roger asks as Schwartzvald is standing on it's shoulder, "Is that thing Big O's archetype?" It's surprisingly creepy for being a robot, the megadeus equivalent of a fast zombie.
  • Alan Gabriel's demise. YE GUILTY.
  • Big Venus. Basically resembling Big O but with its colors inverted and sporting a large grin, it has the ability to alter and manipulate memories and reality itself.
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