Heartwarming / The Big O

  • The Closing Credits song "And Forever" by Robbie Danzie and Naoki Takao. It's amazingly heartwarming from an anime that seems to specialize in Mind Screw. Not to mention how cute Roger and Dorothy look sitting on that giant hourglass!
    • Doubly so when you realize the lyrics could be about Roger and Dorothy's relationship.
    • Dorothy actually hums the song throughout the series, further implying that she and Roger are the ones singing.
  • When Dorothy is forced to fight and nearly kills Roger beneath Beck's influence, she delivers an Anguished Declaration of Love.
    Dorothy: Roger, I love you.
    • And later, from the same episode:
    Dorothy: If neither of us had memories, and we met, would you and I have fallen in love as well?
    • While Roger avoids the question at the time, towards the end of the series he finally gives an answer: yes.