Funny / The Aristocats
  • O'Malley's discovery of the presence of Duchess' kittens.
  • "Ladies do not start fights, but they can finish them."
  • Pretty much anytime the watchdog duo of Napoleon and Lafayette are on-screen. L'il ol' cricket bug, indeed...
    Lafayette: "Well, where's my BEDDY-BYE BASKET?!"
    • For that matter, the entire chase scene with Edgar and the dogs.
      • When Napoleon pushes up the sidecar beside the motorbike, Lafayette grabs onto the motorbike so he can get Edgar only for the motorbike to veer away so Lafayette is holding onto the edge of the motorbike, grinning nervously at Edgar, who is smiling deviously and looking between the motorbike and the sidecar before stomping on Lafayette's paws.
    • Also during the motorcycle chase scene, Lafayette and Napoleon have managed to terrify Edgar so much that they inadvertently cause him to defy all laws of conventional physics... by having Edgar ride up the underside of the stone bridge not once, but TWICE.
    • When Edgar returns to the countryside to recover incriminating evidence from them. Hilarity Ensues.
      • Then as the dogs watch Edgar escape with his things.
    Lafayette: Well, c'est la guerre, Napoleon! I guess you can't win 'em all! (Napoleon hits him on the head) OW! Ooh, ooh, ooh! Criminiddly!
  • This line from Napoleon. Pat Buttram's delivery and timing has to be heard to be believed:
    Napoleon: Wait a minute, I'm the leader. I'm the one that says when we go. (Beat) Here we go. Charge!
  • When Edgar sneaks out of the house with the cats in the first place. He gets "held up" by a tree branch, notices that he's approaching a police station and promptly hauls ass in the opposite direction, only to then accidentally ride down the steps into a subway station.
  • "Schwinger? Vat is a schwinger?"
    • The above could be Duchess starting to get groggy from the events of the day; no less funny though.
  • Uncle Waldo.
    "Now, girls, don't go shooshing your old Uncle Waldo! Why, you'll wake up the whole neighborhood! WHOOPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!"
  • Georges Hautecourt.
    • "Elevators are for old people!"
    • The part where they take the stairs and Georges rides Edgar piggy back after attaching his cane to Edgar's suspenders and using them to launch himself onto Edgar, shouting, "Upward and onward! Whee!"
  • Roquefort: "QUIET!"
    • And everyone freezes in mid-fight in response until Roquefort opens the lock. And then they resume fighting.
      • Also, the fact that this is a rare instance in which we hear Sterling Holloway, best known for playing rather soft and timid characters, shout.
  • When Madame is taking a picture of the cats
    Madame: Say "cheese"!
    Roquefort: Did somebody say cheese? -FLASH-
  • Many of Edgar's moments can be this, which are briliantly animated by Milt Kahl.
  • When O'Malley asks Roquefort to find his gang of alley cats to help him out
    Roquefort: Alley cats?! But I'm a mouse!
    • The alley cats taunting Roquefort and then they are about to eat him:
    Scat Cat: O'Malley?! *Drops him*
  • The end, with everyone of the cast singing "Everybody wants to be a cat", including Napoleon and Lafayette!
    Lafayette: Hey Napoleon, that sounds like the end!
    Napoleon: Wait a minute, I'm the leader! I'll say when it's the end... (the words "THE END" literally knock him in the head) It's the end.
  • When Scat Cat and his gang run off to save O'Malley, Duchess, and the Kittens, Roquefort finds himself chasing after them. They pass a street corner café, and one patron, seeing a pack of anxious cats followed by a mouse, dumps his wine on the street.
  • Shun Gon's solo in Everybody wants to be a Cat.
    Shun Gon: Shang Hai Hong Kong egg fu jong! Fortune cookie always wrong!
  • This exchange when the three kittens are stuck in the pet door.
    Toulouse: Why should you be first?
    Marie: Because I am a lady, that's why!
    Toulouse: (snickers) You are not a lady.
    Berlioz: You're nothing but a sister!
  • While Berlioz and Marie are fighting, Toulouse pushes a candlestick which lands on Marie.
    Marie: Ow! Now, that hurt! (beat) Mama! Mama!
  • Berlioz's calling Marie a tattletale to the audience.
  • When Edgar gives Duchess and the kittens the milk laced with sleeping pills:
    Edgar: Sleep well! I-I mean eat, eat well, of course!