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The entire movie suffers from Broad Strokes due to Rule of Funny
We can assume that the plot is accurate; a retired opera singer makes a will that demands that her cats inherit all she owns, and her butler tries to get rid of them. We can even assume that there's some form of communication between the cats, and they meet an alleycat who becomes their father figure. However, certain details are different. Napoleon and Lafayette, who do end up stealing Edgar's distinctive hat and umbrella, have far too human-like gestures to go unnoticed. Rather than grabbing the bowler with his paws when Edgar tries to steal it back, Napoleon probably snatches it in his mouth.
  • There is actual evidence for this, although it may be an animation goof. At the end of Everybody Wants to Be a Cat, the cats pile onto a piano that crashes through the building, and they walk out playing broken instruments. However, the instruments are in no way damaged during the fall, so this seems strange, unless you assume the animation of the piano falling through the floor was just a representation for the actual crash.

Edgar is Disney's version of Chiquito de la Calzada.

Even if Madame Bonfamille never suspects Edgar, the cops do.
They won't believe it's just a coincidence he'd disappear while the cats were missing.

Madame Bonfamille is Anastasia's descendant. (Not Anastasia of the Don Bluth film, to be clear.)
Her looks remind people of the stepmother and, out of the stepmother's daughters, Anastasia was the one to be given a love interest.

There'll be a sequel featuring Edgar trying to kill the cats out of a desire for revenge.
At this point, he no longer has any hopes of inheriting anything through their deaths but he'll want revenge for all te trouble they caused when he tried to get rid of them.

Had Madame Bonfamille bequeathed everything directly to Edgar, he'd have tried to get rid of her.
He wasn't an antagonist in any way before the inheritance was first mentioned.
  • Plausible enough to qualify as Fridge Horror, I think. The cats might very well have saved their owner's life completely unknowingly, and we can add Nice Job Fixing It, Villain! to Edgar's "accomplishments".