Funny / The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3

  • In the first episode, Prince Hugo of Giant Land sends Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad a message asking for help.
    Toad: That was the first letter we ever got that was bigger than the post office.
  • The episode where they freed Crimewave Clyde from jail to teach the Koopalings to rob. Big Mouth takes it too far by stealing from his own siblings.
    Kootie Pie: Big Mouth! That's mine! I stole it all personally!!
    Clyde: No, no, no! You're not supposed to rob each other! Do we have to go over this again?!
    • Then Hip and Hop go even further by stealing...from Clyde.
    Clyde: Hey! Cut it out! Give that back right now! You guys are driving me crazy!
  • King Koopa having a cold in "Do The Koopa", and a running gag of his kids not being able to understand him.
    • The Doom Dancer Music Box falling off the Doomship and landing on a Goomba.
  • Cheatsy listening to the background music on a Walkman in "Never Koop A Koopa."
  • Kootie Pie throwing her birthday presents out the window in "Reptiles In The Rose Garden", followed by literally kicking her birthday cake in the same fashion.
    • Big Mouth's assessment of Kootie Pie's birthday present.
    Big Mouth: Give that brat a country and she finally stops nagging!
    • The President only being seen talking on the phone, even when the White House is underwater.
    • This line after Koopa transports the White House to the bottom of the Mushroom Sea.
    Mrs. President: Help! The President can't swim!
    Mario: Whoops!
    First Lady: Oh, Mario! I don't mean to complain, Mario, but my husband can't run the country from up here!
    • To infiltrate in the Doomship, Mario and Luigi wear obviously fake Hammer Bros armor when Luigi expresses doubt in that plan Mario reasures him "You're my own brother and even I don't recognize you" as soon as they're on board...
    Sledge Bro: Putting on a little weight, aren't you Mario?
  • "Toddler Terrors of Time Travel": Koopa sucking his thumb even after Kooky turns him back into an adult.
    • Plus the scene where Koopa and Kooky pose as plumbers to fix a lady's bathroom drain, when they actually plan to clog it.
    Woman: Um, how are you doing in there, costumed plumbers?
    Koopa: Aww shut yer trap!
    Woman: Gracious! How rude! I thought you made plumbing a party!
    Kooky: *brings more furniture into the bathroom* We do, lady! This is a fun game called STUFF YOUR FURNITURE DOWN THE DRAIN!
  • Kootie Pie forcing herself to eat pasta in "The Beauty of Kootie".
    • Plus this famous scene:
    Kootie Pie: And believe me, Cheatsy, Casanova's the only reptile for me! [kisses Casanova multiple times and in doing so accidentally changes him back to Luigi with her wand]
    Cheatsy: [gasps] Luigi!?
    Luigi: Luigi?
    Kootie Pie: AAAHH!! I'VE BEEN KISSED BY A PLUMBER!! I'll tie your lips behind your head! And you'll never kiss again!
  • The Running Gag of Koopa wanting to take a nap in "True Colors."
  • The entirety of "Kootie Pie Rocks." And not just because it's Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • "Mush-Rumors:" Kootie Pie's panicked description of the aliens to King Koopa.
    • Cheatsy finger-pointing at the end the same episode. What makes this funny is that he was never a part of the original rumor-spreading.
    • Kooky explaining the truth about the aliens to Koopa beforehand, with visible sweat beads.
  • Luigi SCARING THE BOOS in Misadventures in Babysitting. Double as CMOA.
  • From "Recycled Koopa" where the Koopalings try to clean their trash:
    Kootie Pie: OH NO! I broke a nail! This is no job for someone as magnificently beautiful as I!
  • In "Princess Toadstool For President," the Princess ends up winning by a vote of six million, four hundred and thirty six thousand to one. Not only is this an amazing number, it means even the Koopalings voted for her over King Koopa!
    King Koopa: How could I be the only one to vote for me?
    Cheatsy: We couldn't help it, King Dad! She's so nice, and you're so...
    King Koopa: (Growls angrily)
    Cheatsy: Right, that!
    • Also, anytime Koopa acts sickeningly nice in the same episode.
  • This exchange between Princess Toadstool and Toad in Up, Up, and a Koopa.
    Toad: It's really hard to control these racoon powered wings. I must look ridiculous.
    Princess Toadstool: Don't be so selfconscious. It's not like you're on television with millions of people watching you. Now come on, we gotta find Mario and Luigi.
    • Consider this as half awesome as well, seeing the Princess and Toad on the rescuing end for once.