Funny: Super 8

  • The banter at the beginning was pretty funny.
    • The banter between the kids at the breakfast diner was funny as well.
  • "I can't believe we're breaking into the school. Who does that? Nobody does that! Idiots do that!"
  • "Wake up!" "He's too stoned!" "Drugs are so bad!"
  • After returning to the town, Charles gets a drink off the counter of a house. He's asked, "Why are you drinking that? It's not even yours!" and he responds, "Nobody cares, we're in a warzone!"
  • The entire So Bad, It's Good film the kids made during the credits. The ending with Charles clinches it.
  • That priceless look on Overmeyer's (the black soldier's) face when the Colonel tells him to open the bus door and shoot, with the creature right outside in hiding. It clearly said, "Bitch, say what?!"
  • Anytime Martin freaks out, which luckily is ALL THE TIME.
  • "GOD, Mom, I'm COMING!"
  • And when Joe and Alice are talking in his room at night. "I'm just in shock at this entire conversation."
  • "Excuse me, can we get some more fries because my friend here is fat?"
  • Carey and his firecracker/explosion fetish.
  • "Are you okay?" Yeah! Except I think I might be having a heart attack right now. And I got a scrape!"
  • When the alien's ship is lifting metal objects into the air, it grab's a random soldier's gun. The soldier tries to hold onto the gun before giving up and letting go of it, falling to the ground.
  • This brief moment where the kids go into someone's house as the military starts attacking the alien, and Charles picks up a bottle and starts chugging from it, complete with audible gulping.
    • From the same scene, after Martin is injured:
    Charles: Hold still, this might hurt!
    (Martin whines)
  • "I could get back into disco"
  • This Troper finds it remarkably funny that the alien is buff as shit, yet he has mental powers.