Funny: Super 8

  • The banter at the beginning was pretty funny.
    • The banter between the kids at the breakfast diner was funny as well.
  • "I can't believe we're breaking into the school. Who does that? Nobody does that! Idiots do that!"
  • "Wake up!" "He's too stoned!" "Drugs are so bad!"
  • After returning to the town, Charles gets a drink off the counter of a house. He's asked, "Why are you drinking that? It's not even yours!" and he responds, "Nobody cares, we're in a warzone!"
  • The entire So Bad, It's Good film the kids made during the credits. The ending with Charles clinches it.
  • That priceless look on Overmeyer's face when the Colonel tells him to open the bus door and shoot, with the creature right outside in hiding.
  • Anytime Martin freaks out, which luckily is ALL THE TIME.
  • "GOD, Mom, I'm COMING!"
  • And when Joe and Alice are talking in his room at night. "I'm just in shock at this entire conversation."
  • "Excuse me, can we get some more fries because my friend here is fat?"
  • Carey and his firecracker/explosion fetish.
  • "Are you okay?" Yeah! Except I think I might be having a heart attack right now. And I got a scrape!"
  • When the alien's ship is lifting metal objects into the air, it grab's a random soldier's gun. The soldier tries to hold onto the gun before giving up and letting go of it, falling to the ground.
  • This brief moment where the kids go into someone's house as the military starts attacking the alien, and Charles picks up a bottle and starts chugging from it, complete with audible gulping.
    • From the same scene, after Martin is injured:
    Charles: Hold still, this might hurt!
    (Martin whines)
  • "I could get back into disco"
  • Joe slapping Alice to wake her up is funny in a kind of Black Comedy way.
  • This Troper finds it remarkably funny that the alien is buff as shit, yet he has mental powers.