Funny / Super Cop

  • "Roast cat with string beans!... Make it two!"
  • As Kevin and Yang are bickering about which of them is the bigger nuisance to the other, Kevin realizes Panther is about to overhear them talking about their mission. So Kevin slaps Yang.
    Panther: Hey! Fu-Sheng! What's wrong?
    Kevin/Fu-Sheng: She gave me some of her female backtalk, so I—
    (Yang slaps him)
    Yang/Hana: Think you're superior, huh? Mao Tse-Tung said women are the true power of society!
    Kevin (dazed): Mao Tse-Tung really said that?!
    Yang: Yeah!
    • And then, after Panther has gone:
    Kevin: Hana, you hit your brother so hard. What if I was your husband?
    Yang (coyly): Wait and find out.
  • The entire sequence by the pool involving Kevin, Panther, Yang, and May.
    Panther (shaking his head): A beautiful girl like that, hustling? Has to be something wrong with her.
  • Part of the distraction to help Mrs. Chaibat escape involves Kevin posing as a driver of a runaway truck full of chemicals. It's really just smoke bombs, but Kevin freaks out the local cops by going into wacky convulsions.
  • While fighting atop the moving train, Kevin does an elaborate set of kung-fu preparations which distracts one of the bad guys from noticing an oncoming overhead sign. Kevin then sits down and winces a second before the sign clocks the bad guy in the face.