Funny / Spice World

  • "What happened to the bomb on the bus?"
  • "I love these girls, I would do anything for 'em. But I won't do that."
  • When the girls are brought to Mr Step's Boot Camp, they all walk out to the course dressed in army gear...except Victoria who's wearing a cocktail dress (albeit with a camouflage print) and platform shoes. Naturally she half-asses the obstacle course.
  • When the aliens appear, one of them extends his grab Mel B's boobs. Another angrily says "I told you, shake HANDS!"
    • When asked to give an autograph for one of the alien's 'brother', Melanie C asks of The Unpronouncable name - "is that three or four ks?"
      • Which Emma then correctly tells her that it's four.
    • Victoria is asked to autograph an alien's belly while Geri gives another a big kiss.
    • And when they first appear...
    Alien 1: It's them. There's the little blonde one.
    Alien 2: You said that already. And that time it was a sheep!
  • The Imagine Spot featuring an Agatha Christie parody. The detective is investigating a murder and he comes to Emma who looks incredibly suspicious and has a gun and bandoleer beside her. Then she smiles sweetly and he immediately names someone else as the culprit.
    • Which turns into a Chekhov's Gun later when Emma uses the power of her smile to get the policeman to forgive them for all the road rage they've caused.
  • The sight of Victoria being the one driving the tour bus across London.
  • The intentional Special Effects Failure of the bus going over the drawbridge, as represented by a tiny wind-up double-decker bus going over a tiny model of London Bridge that doesn't even try to look convincing.