Funny / Sphere

  • On an alien spacecraft crashing to Earth in 1709:
    Harry: See? It's not impossible, it's ridiculous.
  • On an alien contact team being led by a psychologist:
    Harry: So that's what the little green men are saying these days? "Take me to your therapist"?
  • On being extracted from the mission, Beth answers Ted's complaints:
    Beth: We're the welcome wagon for the aliens, Ted, and there's no aliens. (loud whisper) It was all Made In America!
  • This exchange:
    Harry: You a religious man, Norm?
    Norman: Atheist, but I'm flexible.
  • The last lines:
    Norman: Why you holding my hand?
    Harry: No. You were holding my hand.
  • On life in the underwater facility:
    Harry: It's like living in a vagina.
  • The helium scene. Especially hearing Samuel L. Jackson say, "Follow the Yellow Brick Road."