Trivia / Spice World

  • Actor Allusion: Meat Loaf's character saying "he would do anything for [the Girls] but he won't do that."
    • Roger Moore's character saying "There's no need for any stirring" as he is shaking a martini.
    • Victoria snarking that Geri should remove her top to awaken a young boy from a coma could be seen as one to Geri Halliwell's stint as a topless model.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Richard E. Grant has cheerfully admitted that money was his primary consideration for appearing in the film. It's hard not to suspect that it was a primary consideration for most of the other participants as well.
    • So My Kids Can Watch was also a motivator for Grant, as his pre-teen daughter was a big fan of the Spice Girls at the time.
  • What Could Have Been: The Girls' performance of "Leader of the Gang" in Italy (the scene where the backup dancers had their asses hanging out of their costumes) was initally longer and led to a cameo appearance from Gary Glitter himself. However, before the movie was released, Glitter was infamously arrested on child porn charges. After this, everybody got together and agreed his cameo couldn't be cut from the film fast enough, though a bootleg version of the scene has made it to YouTube.