Trivia: Spice World

  • Actor Allusion: Meat Loaf's character saying "he would do anything for [the Girls] but he won't do that."
    • Roger Moore's character saying "There's no need for any stirring" as he is shaking a martini.
    • Victoria snarking that Geri should remove her top to awaken a young boy from a coma could be seen as one to Geri Halliwell's stint as a topless model.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Apparently, the Spice Girls are being managed by Withnail, being driven by Eddie, stalked by Riff Raff, and best friends with Toshiko, whose baby is delivered by Duffy.
    • Not to mention House is Poirot in a fantasy sequence.
      • And Jeeves is the unforgiving judge in a dream sequence. ("Call Howtie and the Blowfish!")
    • And Elvis Costello tends bar.
    • Eddie Valiant appears in one fantasy scene as a disguise worn by one of the Spice Girls. The Fairy Godmother, Dr. Jekyll, and the Cheshire Cat also show up.
    • The girls are photographed at one point by Jimmy McNulty.
    • Nightcrawler is an annoying filmmaker trying to make an in-depth documentary about the girls.
    • One of the two American filmmakers wants to CRUSH YOUR HEAD! Who's the other one?
    • Note that, despite employing an All-Star Cast of British character actors, the film, against all odds, has no shared cast members with the Harry Potter series. Not unless you count stuntman Kiran Shah.
    • Gibbs from Pirates of the Carribean is playing the officer that stops them outside of the concert hall.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Richard E. Grant has cheerfully admitted that money was his primary consideration for appearing in the film. It's hard not to suspect that it was a primary consideration for most of the other participants as well.
    • So My Kids Can Watch was also a motivator for Grant, as his pre-teen daughter was a big fan of the Spice Girls at the time.