Funny / Sonic Rivals

Sonic Rivals
  • The moment where Shadow mocks Knuckles for letting Eggman get away twice and, as expected, Knuckles isn't amused. This is funny considering this is the first time the two interacted.

Sonic Rivals 2
  • Before the Sunset Forest Zone boss fight in Sonic and Tails' story, we have Silver being rude and confrontational as usual, with Sonic replying with an annoyed "Chill, Silver...".
  • Just this scene from Shadow and Metal Sonic's story at the start of Sunset Forest Zone:
    Shadow: Eggman Nega escaped into the woods. Metal Sonic. Are you okay?
    Metal Sonic: ...
    Shadow: I'll take that as a "Yes".
  • The scene where Rouge trips Shadow over. Yes. She trips the Ultimate Life Form.
  • The scene in the Neon Palace Zone with Knuckles, Silver, Rouge, and Eggman:
    Dr. Eggman: Well, well. Looks like you acquired my Emerald Detector. Now, what else do you require?
    Knuckles: We still can't find the Master Emerald and I think you know where it is.
    Dr. Eggman: Maybe I do and maybe I don't.
    Knuckles: Stop these games, Eggman!
    • Silver telling Knuckles to shut up is petty, but funny.
    Silver: Shut up, Knuckles. I need to talk to him so just get out of here!
    Rouge: Hey, watch your mouth, kid! Don't take that tone with us!
    • Eggman then gets fed up with the bickering three:
    Dr. Eggman: Silence! All of you! I'll give you all a REAL reason to be upset!
  • The scene before the Mystic Haunt Zone boss fight:
    Silver: I finally found you! Party's over!
    Knuckles: Not you again... I'm tired of you. Tired of ALL of you!
  • The ending of Knuckles and Rouge's story where Rouge steals the Master Emerald from him. Knuckles' angry reaction was priceless.
  • Early on in the Knuckles/Rouge story, Sonic asks if they are on a date. Knuckles isn't very impressed, but he actually does take it better than one would expect.