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Sonic Rivals

Sonic Rivals 2
  • Before the Sunset Forest Zone boss fight in Sonic and Tails' story, we have Silver being rude and confrontational as usual, with Sonic replying with an annoyed "Chill, Silver...".
  • Just this scene from Shadow and Metal Sonic's story at the start of Sunset Forest Zone:
    Shadow: Eggman Nega escaped into the woods. Metal Sonic. Are you okay?
    Metal Sonic: ...
    Shadow: I'll take that as a "Yes".
  • The scene where Rouge trips Shadow over. Yes. She trips the Ultimate Life Form.
  • The scene before the Mystic Haunt Zone boss fight:
    Silver: I finally found you! Party's over!
    Knuckles: Not you again... I'm tired of you. Tired of ALL of you!
  • The ending of Knuckles and Rouge's story where Rouge steals the Master Emerald from him. Knuckles' angry reaction was priceless.
  • Early on in the Knuckles/Rouge story, Sonic asks if they are on a date. Knuckles isn't very impressed, but he actually does take it better than one would expect.