Heartwarming / Sonic Rivals

Despite that the characters are fighting each other for no reason, there are a few heartwarming gems of Sonic Rivals.

Rivals 1

Rivals 2
  • A minor one, but after the fight between Knuckles and Rouge in the last level of Rivals 2, Knuckles asks Rouge if she's okay. Considering they are long time rivals and the tone he says it in, this is genuinely sweet.
  • Silver and Espio, who got off on a rocky start in the beginning of their story, end up having respect for one another. The ending have this dialogue:
    Silver: Thanks for helping me, Espio.
    Espio: No, I should be thanking you. You helped to save our world, too.
    Silver: Well, I guess it's time to head back. I hope the new future is a happy one.
    Espio: Be safe, Silver.
    Silver: You too, Espio.