Funny / Sonic Chronicles

  • Upon entering Blue Ridge Zone, we get this little gem from Eggman:
    Eggman: You know, once you've terrorized a place once or twice it never looks quite the same...
    Sonic: ...
    Tails: ...
    Knuckles: ...
    Shadow: ...
    Eggman: What?
  • Meta Example: The music on the Nocturnus Sector sounds like creepy, high-pitched, tinkling nothing. Keep listening. It's the "final boss" music (not Doomsday Zone) from Sonic 3 & Knuckles (you probably know it as Snappleman's "Malicious Fingers" remix from the Project Chaos OCR album).
  • When a pirate invades the teams space ship (paraphrasing here).
    Pirate: Yar! All right, you land lubbers! Hand over yer booty!
    Rouge: Why is he talking like that?
    Sonic: *having a hard time keeping a straight face* Who knows. Just go with it. note 
  • Eggman, almost constantly, while on the team. His increasingly blatant pretensions to morality, his sadness at Tails refusing to let him create weapons that harm, his ferocious enthusiasm at the opportunity to do good, the whole deal.
    Let the heroism commence!
  • Big the Cat's upgrade to full on Cloud Cuckoo Lander infused the big guy with a ton of extra personality, much more endearing than the dull-witted oaf he'd been in previous games. That and he gets a nice zing in on Sonic for butting in.
    "Is your name Froggy? No. Your name is Sonic. So-nic."
    • Also, he sends you on a mission to find Froggy's friend Norton. It's optional, but would you want to miss this line?
    Big: (after finding a frog that's not Norton) "Silly Mr. Billywick. Always out on the town!"
    • Also this line:
    Big: "I think my eyes are broken. No, wait. They're just closed."
  • Eggman about the Dimensional Buffer:
    Eggman: At least, not since that one time. I never did see those pants again
  • Upon entering the Twilight Cage:
    Tails: We didn't consider the trans-spatial frequency! It's jamming the Dimensional Buffer!
    Rouge: Pretend I have no idea what you're talking about, cutie. Because I don't.
    Tails: Stuff is happening. And we're losing power.
  • Most, if not all of Sonic's snarky responses are this.