Funny / Seltzer and Friedberg

YMMV on tastes in humor, but once in a while the much-maligned duo do find a joke that works.

  • One examples is in Epic Movie when Edward drinks from the "chocolate river".
    • "AAAAAHH! TALKING BEAVER!" *kicks* Funnier the second time when Lucy already met Mr. Beaver.
    • The Superman Returns gag in Epic Movie, where, instead of deflecting a bullet with his eye, it goes in with an appropriate squishy noise, followed by shrieks of agony.
    "Oh, my God! You shot me in the fucking eye! That really hurt! Why would you do that?! That was so unnecessary, you bastard!" (falls off the building as he screams like a little girl)
  • Frodo trying to pawn the One Ring. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The HeadOn parody from Disaster Movie, possibly the only remotely funny joke in the movie.
    • The "Running with glass slippers" would be on here... if it didn't come after a scene which we see the princess eating glass.
  • The gag about how blatantly obvious the councilman is the traitor, as well as joking about how many movies have villains who are trustworthy to the cast but blatantly obvious to the audience.
    • The penguin in "Meet The Spartans" going "I'm gonna shove my happy foot up yo' ass!"
    • The Xerxes Expy tricking the Leonidas Expy into bowing down to him by telling him that his shoe is untied.
    • The bizarre Dance Party Ending with the entire cast singing I Will Survive. It's out of place, but oddly amusing.
  • It may be obvious, but in "The Starving Games," District 12 using their middle fingers instead of the three finger salute towards the Capitol is pretty funny.