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Funny: Selena
  • "Anything for SALINAS!"
    • Selena also correctly predicting her father's reaction: "I can't believe this, son! What were you thinking?!"
    Abraham: I can't believe this, son! What were you thinking?! Whe—Who's that laughing, is that Selena?!
  • Papa Yo-Yo's
  • "Reloj, no marques las horas porque voy a enloquecer. That means 'clock don't mark the hours because I'm going nuts.'"
  • The bustier scene/Baila Esta Cumbia
    Abraham Quintanilla: You were out there wearing a bra!
    Selena Quintanilla: It's not a bra!
    Abraham Quintanilla: It's a bra. It's a bra with little sprinkly things on it."
    • "She can't be wearing things like that, there are men out here!"
    • "So much for my bustier."
  • "Me siento muy... me siento muy... excited!"

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