Funny / Russell Howard's Good News

  • The various running jokes in the show somehow never get old.
    • Punishment for people that don't enjoy the dog that goes "Kgrrrrk!"
    • The cat that goes "Nonononononono!" for anything awful.
    • The grinning man as an answer for "What kind of creepy weirdo...?"
    • Cutouts of various animals chasing down people.
    • "Very Nice."
  • You've heard of college fight songs, well they're nothing on footy songs, like this horrifically inappropriate one meant for taunting the Australian team. Guess what tune it's to:
    I shagged Matilda, I shagged Matilda
    I shagged Matilda and so did my mates
    And she moaned and she groaned as she took it up the billabong
    I shagged Matilda and so did my mates
  • One time Russell's questioning the mystery guests when one of the audience members recognises them, leading Russell to bring her on stage to take over the questioning. Which is derailed due to Russell looking closely at her arm.
    "She's written in Biro, 'Find Keys'... this is the chavviest Memento ever."
  • Russel on that supposedly obscene Jesus painting:
    "I tell you it'd change the prayers a bit. 'In the Name of the Father and the Son and the - HOLY SHIT!!' And it'll definitely change the musical. 'Jesus Christ, Circumcise, A dick from hips stretching to his eyes...' No wonder he hung out with 12 disciples, if he had a dick that big he'd need them to carry it! (mimes carrying something) 'Oi lads! We're all agreed, this is not going in the Book, right?... JUDAS I'M LOOKING AT YOU!' "
  • One story is about schools in India making their kids walk across hot coals as a confidence-building exercise, which Russell calls out as a horseshit idea... until he realises that strapping beef patties on their feet would make it practical. Until he realises how cows are usually treated in India... whereupon he goes into a different spiel, as two cows witnessing the firewalking exercise. And then he realises the first cow probably shouldn't have an English accent, and voices the other cow in his attempt at the right accent.
    "Sanjay you sound a bit Welsh." "NO I DON'T!"
  • Russell having a go at being a fireman and refusing to rescue a cat.
  • Russell's hilariously extended scream upon a story about a man whose primary turn-on is his wife's breast milk. Different strokes, as they say...
  • One of the clip shows features one of the lesser-known segments, "Headliners", where Russell talks to two people who both think they're newsworthy enough to be on the show. One such guest is an East Londoner one-man-band, who teaches Russell about the Cockney version of the shave-and-a-haircut outro, with bonus Audience Participation (which in this case is just Russell holding a banana):
    One-man-band: Danananana-na, Danananana-na, How's your father?
    Russell: (in tune) Fuck You!
    • Take 2:
    One-man-band: Danananana-na, Danananana-na, How's your father?
    Russell: Ask Jeremy Kyle.
    One-man-band: Danananana-na, Danananana-na, How's your father?
    Russell: (breaks down crying) HE NEVER CALLS ME!!
  • Jeremy Clarkson as prime minister.
  • Russell's brother humping a motorbike, in a sketch spoofing a man who's having sex with his car.
  • When a politician decides to ramble on in parliament for the second time in a month, Russell decides if they can do it, so can he. He then proceeds to ramble on stage about the guy for over an hour, in one take; and the BBC having to super fast forward the footage just to fit it into the show's 30 minute runtime.