Funny / Roman Holiday

  • If this scene doesn't make you at least chuckle then, I feel sorry for you:
    Joe: Where do you live?
    Princess Ann: (mumbles drunkenly) ... Colosseum...
    Joe: (resignedly to taxi driver) She lives in the Colosseum.
    Cab Driver: (shakes head) Is wrong address.
  • "Hit him again, Smitty!"
  • Nice little bit to lift you up during the Downer Ending:
    Irving: I hope the Princess enjoys these commemorative photos of her stay in Rome?
    • The first photo she sees is the one of her hitting a man on the head with a guitar. I'd say that's a yes.
  • Joe pranking Ann that his hand has been bitten off by the Mouth of Truth, doubly so when you know it was a Throw It In!.