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Heartwarming: Roman Holiday
  • A behind-the-scenes heartwarmer: the movie originally had Gregory Peck given top billing (as per his contract). Halfway through filming, Peck told the director to give Audrey Hepburn (a virtual unknown) equal billing because she was giving an Oscar-winning performance. And he was right. Kinda counts as a CMoA for Hepburn, but considering it's Audrey, it's always a heartwarmer above all...
    • Also, Hepburn's reaction when she thinks Peck's hand has actually been bitten off is both hilarious and sweet.
  • The ending press conference. Never has so much love been conveyed beneath empty platitudes.
    • When asked what her favorite city was during her tour of Europe, Princess Ann tried to give the PR friendly "every city was special in its own way" answer. However, she couldn't help but admit that Rome was her absolute favorite.
  • Irving, after all he went through to get the pictures, chooses to give all the copies to Ann, even though he probably could have made a fortune selling them elsewhere.
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