Funny / Roger and the Rottentrolls

  • The Rottentroll talent show, which features such highlights as:
    • Sigsworthy Crags reciting a poem commemorating an airship he had built, only to trail off and make dog noises.
    • Kettlewell sewing a sweater in real time.
    • Yockenthwaite singing his favourite song.
      Yockenthwaite: There were ten thousand in the bed and the little one said...
  • The first demonstration of Jim Jam Ya Ha!
  • The Narrator having his voice raised in pitch and trying to tell a friend of his not to pick him up.
    The Narrator: Hello, Phil, I'm just ringing to say I won't make the darts match tonight. No, it's a very bad line, I think. Anyway, Dave can play instead of... no, it is just a bad line, mate. Yeah, well, you - you sound like an alien to me, too.
  • The episode "Twelve Angry Trolls" parodies televised court proceedings, with the narrator showing courtroom sketches of:
    • Kettlewell kicking Trucklecrag in the stomach
    • A Big Ball of Violence
    • A picture of some birch trees by the river wharf in late autumn
    • The jury with their mouths closed
    • The jury with their mouths open
  • The Barrel Rangers! Martin Clunes/The Narrator's reaction makes it better.
  • The Rottentroll Files. The various descriptions of the characters, especially Yockenthwaite's.
  • The various sports getting mixed up in the Rottentrolympics, leads to some interesting results...