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Funny: Rock of Ages
The Musical

  • During "We Built This City/Too Much Time on My Hands", after Dennis Dupree learns that the Bourbon is going to be torn down because it "no longer generates an adequate tax revenue".
    Lonny: That's why I keep telling you - we need to bring back Naked Jello Wrestling Thursdays. But this time, check it: we let women enter!
  • Franz. Just...
    Franz: I'm not gay....I'm GERMAN!
    • Early in Act 1 (can't remember which number), some of the ensemble members are doing a group number as Hertz and Franz walk by, and Franz runs off and joins them in their dancing. Especially funny with how the ensemble is clad in "rocker"-type clothing while he's wearing a business suit.

The Film
  • Most things involving Stacee Jaxx are pure funny. Especially when the two bruisers temporarily provide totally deadpan backing vocals during "Wanted Dead Or Alive," causing Constance to give them a WTF look.
    • Out of the blue, Stacee stops that very musical number for a split-second, long enough to answer a girl's crossword puzzle. "Dalai Lama."
  • The in-universe Executive Meddling to a band to take it from metal to hip hop. Bad hip hop. It must be seen to be believed, like every poser pushed into one band.
    • During "Anyway You Want it" when Drew is put in his new wardrobe, he's got a truly crushed look on his face, singing in a hilarious deadpan.
  • The entirety of the phone conversation between Stacee Jaxx and the poor guy picking up the phones at Rolling Stone late at night. Jaxx's dialogue is this drug-addled, cryptic mess, and the other guy snarks his way through the whole conversation.
    • And Stacee finding out he "has a gig" that night—cut to the empty phonebooth.
      • And then when he gets to his gig right after the crowd finishes the big We Built This City/We're Not Gonna Take It number, he recognizes the mayor's wife as one of his old groupies. And pretty much melts her credibility along with her.
  • When Jaxx goes back to the Bourbon Room to find Constance, he spots her and starts walking to her—only to be ambushed by an adoring fan who pulls him into a ridiculously long kiss. As it goes on, Jaxx turns from his usual response, to holding up a hand in the "just gimme a minute" gesture (Constance answers with an "it's okay, I'm sure you get this a lot" gesture), finally ending up just staring incredulously at the woman kissing him, clearly wondering if she ever has to let up to breathe before he finally manages to free himself.
  • Patricia's supposedly short Back Story / Motive Rant.
    Mayor Whitmore: That was the short version?
    • Most scenes with Patricia Whitmore are pretty funny, due to her Large Ham tendencies.
  • Nearly every scene with Lonny in it but especially the 'Concrete Balls' conversation.
    • Also "why would the Devil be involved in closing vaginas?"
    • When he runs out with the book is both this—because he looks insane—and a Crowning Moment Of Awesome.
  • Anything involving Stacee Jaxx's pet monkey, Hey Man. Anything.
  • Lonnie and Dennis singing "Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" to each other. This troper and his wife were almost rolling on the floor with laughter.
  • Sherrie and Drew meeting back up at the Hollywood sign:
    Sherrie: I'm a stripper at the Venus Club.
    Drew: I'm in a boy band.
    Sherrie: You win.
  • The sex and kissing scenes between Stacee and Constance, tongues and all. Particularly when they lampshade the Anatomically Impossible Sex during "I Want to Know What Love is."
  • "What's the name of your band, mate?" "Wolfgang Von Colt." *beat* "You're sticking with that, are you?"

The Unrelated Video Game

  • The Wallachia scene, parodying Castlevania perfectly, and then replacing Dracula with Vlad Tepes.
  • Every single cutscene in the entire game. Also, when you successfully mow down the door of your enemy's castle, they scream like a little girl and when they get rolled over, all you hear is *PPHHHRRRRRRP!* at the results screen.
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