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Awesome: Rock of Ages
  • In the movie, Stacee calling out his sleazy manager is this. He brings the article exposing that the manager took money that Stacee wanted to go to the Bourbon Room, calls the man on his manipulation, he gives a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, he brings his monkey Hey Man to wreck the office...and then he calmly unzips his pants and pisses on the manager's shoes while quitting.
    • Hey Man gets one himself near the end, when he punches Paul in the face and knocks him out cold.
  • Stacee demolishes the mayor's wife and all her anti-rock rhetoric by essentially reducing her back to his fevered fan as Donnie brings out the book with the proof that she was.
    • The kiss is awesome as she's still leaning after he's backed off.
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