Funny / Prétear

  • Poor Mr. Tanaka is the consumite Butt Monkey, The Chew Toy and was probably Born Unlucky. You can't help but feel for this guy.
  • "I'll have a double scoop of powdered green tea kimchee fermented soybean yogurt, with lots of chocolate chips!" ...Seriously?! Who the HELL would eat somthing like THAT!?
  • The guy's gape at Hayate, shocked that he's smiling.
    Go: He's smiling...?
    Kei: A great distaster is going to happen tomorrow!
  • Anytime Himeno gives Hayate her custom Megaton Punch!
  • Anytime spoiled Mayune gets caught in one of her traps meant to humiliate Himeno. And the one time Himeno decided to humor her, and fall for one on purpose!
  • Mayune's tendency to Crash-Into Hello with the older Leafe Knights and drag them off to hold her towel for her while she gets cleaned up as a means of seducing them. Only to have said knight sneak off before she gets her chance.