Tear Jerker / Prétear

  • From the first episode of the anime, Hayate's adamant refusal to find a new Prétear. Though we wont learn exactly why till much later.
    • The general way Himeno is treated by her fellow students, they all assume her father married Natuse just to get rich. They make their thoughts about her plain rather quickly.
    Mean Girl: (talking to Yayoi) You know her story don't you? Her father is a penniless drunk who married Ms. Mayuni's mother for her money.
    • Himeno's depression upon returning to her families mansion:
    Himeno: (sounding downtrodden as she steps through the main gate) I'm home. (sighs) Like anyone's going to hear.
    • After the knights explain to Himeno what's going on, she refuses to believe them. Thinking their part of some mean-spirited prank. She then gets up and starts walking away, but pauses to drop this:
    Himeno: I really like the "we need you" speech. But I don't believe a word of it. You plan on tricking me, right? You plan to make me feel needed, then when I believe, you'll drop me like a stone and laugh right? I may be stupid, but I'm not that stupid.
  • Near the end of episode 5 "Smile of Darkness", Mannen wanting to help Himeno destroy the demon larvae because he thinks he failed as her bodyguard.
    Mannen: I failed you as a guard because I fell asleep...
  • The ending of episode 6, "Secret of Rouge", when Himeno learns that the Princess of Disaster was the Prétear before her.
  • Episode 7, Hayate revealing why the last Prétear Takako became the Princess of Disaster. We're shown a flashback of the day it happened from his perspective. What's worse is that in Hayate's flashback, Takako is replaced by Himeno.
    "Himeno": I fought and struggled for you! And I endured great pain and great fear, all for you!
    Hayate: Takako, I appreciate what you have done.
    "Himeno": That's not what I want! Don't you see? I want you Hayate! I want you!
    • Himeno's emotional breakdown when she's unable to become Prétear.
  • Sasame getting injured near the beginning of "Moment of Awakening".
    • After they'd spent the day bonding over their shared feelings of sadness and emptiness. Mawata spots Himeno being comforted by Hayate, thinking Himeno had lied to her about being similar, running off in tears.
  • The moment in "Unreaching Melody", when Sasame finds and confronts Takako. At first he plays coy, pretending not to recognize her and tells her a story about "a girl he used to know". Finally confessing that he was in love with Takako sixteen years ago. It's the way his voice cracks when he begs her to stop as she's walking away form him. It's like he's literally breaking apart inside.
  • Mawata's breakdown in episode 11, "Eyes of Glass". Especially when Sasame, whom she loved, ends up abandoning her for Takako. In front of her family. After Mawata snapped on them. And then Takako steals Mawata's heart and makes her a Barrier Maiden by locking her in the Tree of Fenrir...
    • To make things worse, right before that we had Natsue's flashback to her first husband's death. Where Mawata was Wise Beyond Her Years and was the one comforting Natsue and Mayune.
  • In the second-last episode "Warmth, Once More", we get Mayune, Natsue, Kaoru, and Himeno going to save Mawata from the Tree. We're shown clip after clip of them pulling on the vines surrounding her, calling her name. Even when Takako physically attacks them with lightning, and they've been pulling on regenerating vines for a long time, they still don't give up. And when you consider Mayune and Kaoru were comic relief characters it deals an even bigger blow.
  • The final episode. Himeno and Hayate merge to battle the Tree of Fenrir and rescue Takako. Hayate repeatedly takes blows for Himeno until ultimately she is pinned down and unable to move, begging him to stop shielding her; he refuses to stop, and ends up sacrificing himself to protect her, using the last of his strength to cut her free before he collapses, then telling her to escape.
    • Before that, there's also the scene where Sasame is dying after protecting Takako. "Am I finally able to be your knight?" And then he actually dies, and Takako starts repeatedly calling out for him in despair. The particular piece of BGM that plays during that last moment makes things even worse. Let's just say most of the final episode is a Tear Jerker, until the True Love's Kiss.
    • Especially the True Love's Kiss scene, with everyone, and I mean everyone crying over Himeno's dead body. Even Mayune is sobbing, demanding to know why Himeno had to die, why she did what she did, and Hayate's line before he kisses her.
    "Please, let me see that smile again..."