Tear Jerker: Potemayo

  • The last episode. It's been all Widget Series fun and games before this, then the penultimate episode hits us with a flashback to Sunao's Parental Abandonment and some foreshadowing, suddenly changing to a more serious tone and showing how he lost his mother in the first half of the finale. It's worse for the genre savvy - the premise is simply, logically set up, you can see this coming a mile off and you're actually pleading with the makers "Don't do this to them, please, don't" because by this point, you've grown to love these bizarre, Moe characters and it's going to devastate everyone. It does. Even Sunao breaks down crying when Potemayo "blooms" to the narration of his mother saying "Flowers bloom, fall and bloom again.", leaving her lifeless body in his lap and Mikan going overboard with Please Wake Up, whilst over at Kyou's house she and her family's sobbing their heart out over Guchuko's. It leaves it juuust long enough for you to start thinking "They did it?" before the moeblobs open their eyes again. This troper has never been so happy to see a Deus ex Machina activate.
    • "I finally get to hold you. But I don't like this..."
    • This troper sniffled over thefact that the narrator is also Sunao's mother. The idea that she's watching over her son, seeing him come to life again through caring for a child of his own...