Heartwarming / Prétear

  • From the first episode of the anime, the first time we see Himeno, she's nice to the maid.
    Mikage: Ma'am?
    Himeno: Mikage, please don't call me ma'am. Call me Himeno.
    • When we first see Natuse, she seems cold and even a bit snobbish. That changes the moment she and Kaoru leave the table. Both adults are all smiles and already acting adorable to the point of being Sickeningly Sweethearts.
  • In episode 2, Mawata finds a stray cat and her kittens, she quickly befriends them and gives them food.
    • We see in a flashback when Natsue and Kaoru first announced their marriage to Mawata and Mayuni. When Kaoru states he doesn't write anymore Natsue is saddened and insists he take up writing again.
  • From episode 4, one of the first indicators that Hayate is actually a nice guy:
    Hayate: Himeno, the flowers say thank you.
    • All of Himeno's flashbacks that involve her mom are heartwarming.
  • When Himeno finds out in episode 5, "Smile of Darkness", that Hayate had only been following her all day in order to guard her from attacks by demon larvae.
    • When Himeno goes to apologize to Hayate, she leaves her bodyguard Mannen, to continue sleeping peacefully.
  • Mikage, the maid at the Awayuki Residence and Princess of Disaster, gives a really good pep talk to Himeno in episode 6 of the anime.
    Mikage: If you don't know the reason, then finding out is the first step to finding an answer. If you're just worrying yourself without knowing what it is, then you won't get anywhere. Things are usually just that simple.
    • Harsher in Hindsight, given that she was trying to get Himeno to learn the Awful Truth.
    • Mawata and Kaoru bond over their shared interest in sculpting with clay.
  • In episode 8, after Himeno loses her power and runs away from home out of her feelings of uselessness and confusion, she eventually encounters Hayate - who has been frantically looking for her. When she breaks down crying and tells him to just find another Pretear, he embraces her, telling her it's okay if she wants to quit, and that even if she can't transform into the Pretear any more, she's still herself and there's no replacement for her.
  • Himeno deciding to humor Mayune and purposefully getting caught in a trap to make her happy before running away from home to protect her family.
  • In episode 12 "Warmth, Once More", Himeno's whole family tries to free Mawata from her encasement in the tree of Fenrir. And they do it in a badass Determinator way.
  • Himeno redeeming Takako with kindness and understanding in the finale.
    • When Hayate kissed Himeno at the end, he brought her back to life at the end of the anime.
    • When Sasame is revived thanks to Himeno near the end of the finale.
  • The younger Leafe Knights looking up to Himeno and calling her Onee-chan/Big Sis almost immediately is rather sweet and touching.