Funny / Pound Puppies (1980s)

  • When a "ghost" attacks the pound, Whopper calls in his TV ghost hunting hero Biff Barker to stop it. Thinking it's a publicity stunt, he agrees but one look at the ghost and Biff and agent Yapper run off. The puppies are soon sent to a new pound but Biff sees video footage of Katrina doing a massive speech on how she set this thing up and is part of her plot to trick the puppies and turn them into fur coats.
    Biff: This is terrible!
    Yapper: You're telling me. That is some of the worst overacting I've ever seen!
    • Having stayed behind, Cooler soon works with Biff to chase the truck with the puppies.
    Biff: I'm with you one hundred percent!
    Yapper: I'm his agent, cut me in for ten percent of that.
    • The two use an ejector seat to get onto the roof, then turn to face the camera and give a speech on always buckling up.
  • The final episode of Season 2 has Katrina, Brattina and Catgut finally capture Cooler. To make sure he doesn't escape or find his way back, they drive all around the US multiple times, in circles, in a van clearly labeled "Dog Snatcher." They eventually get pulled over by a policeman for doing 780 miles an hour, and he advises them to at least do 600. During the stop, Cooler escapes, leaving them to eventually empty the back of the truck over a cliff... and just when they realizes he's escaped, the cliff crumbles beneath them, depositing them in the river.
  • Katrina Stoneheart's Sanity Slippage over having to be around puppies all the time in "Secret Agent Pup", especially when it culminates with her believing that she is a dog herself.