WMG / Pound Puppies (1980s)

The Legend of Big Paw is non-canon.
After all, it is Whopper narrating the story.
  • How do you explain the end, when they get to the museum and Big Paw is there guarding the bone?
  • a simple answer is that there is a core element of truth to the story but Whopper made up about 99% of it.
  • That would explain why it's set in the 1950s and there are cats ("Pound Purries") at the pound.

Katrina is McNasty's daughter
  • She hates The Pound Puppies because they defeated her father and she's plotting revenge.

McNasty is really Spadang Skaran of niceperson's fanfiction
Considering how Skaran can appear in any franchise he wants, and how both characters are as over-obviously evil, and how both like to enslave little furry things...

Katrina's aunt made a will requiring her to keep the pound operational.
  • In the first season, there was an episode revealing that Holly inherited the puppy pound from Katrina's aunt Millicent Trueblood. In the second season, Katrina owns the pound but no reason was stated for why she doesn't destroy it like she intended to in the first season. Maybe Aunt Milly made a will stating that Katrina only inherits if she keeps running the pound and failure to abide will have the inheritance transferred to Holly.