Heartwarming / Pound Puppies (1980s)

  • In the episode "Wags to Riches", a rich couple is looking to adopt a puppy for their son (they were originally going to invest in Katrina's condominiums, but Holly won them over with a sales pitch for her pound instead). So, the main gang is taken to their mansion, and it turns out to be such a fabulously wealth and lavish place that Nose Marie immediately wants to be adopted by this couple...but then she wonders, what if they don't pick her? She'd just die!...so what do the other puppies do? They offer to intentionally sabotage their own chances of being adopted so the rich couple can't pick anyone but Nose Marie! Howler offers to roll over and play dead, Bright Eyes offers to pretend she has fleas, and Whopper offers to eat too much! (We don't get to see what Cooler offers because the scene changes to somewhere else after Whopper.) It doesn't work out anyway, though, because Katrina has Catgut and a bunch of cats wreck the place and blame it on the puppies. But give Nose Marie's friends credit for trying!