Funny: Postman Pat

Being a Children's BBC and CBeebies show Postman Pat has seen some fairly funny moments including;

  • Pat has an accident in the post office after putting on Mrs Goggins' spare glasses. "Postman Pat in a Muddle"
  • Pat getting stuck in the clay when it starts to run. "Postman Pat Misses the Show"
  • The gust of wind covers Miss Hubbard's blouse in paint, with Pat remarking "I think the wind's trying to paint you!" "Postman Pat Misses the Show"
  • Granny Dryden forgetting her hat. "Postman Pat Takes the Bus"
  • Jess tripping up Pat. "Postman Pat's Difficult Day"
  • A hen stealing Pat's sandwich. "Postman Pat and the Magpie Hen"
  • Pat hitting Alf Thompson with a snowball. "Postman Pat Goes Sledging"
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