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Funny: Popples
  • Treasure of Popple Beach: "There goes the neighborhood!" "And there it goes again!"
  • Bonnie's Popple Party: Prize Popple being found in a cake.
  • Popples Paint Party: Party and PC sitting on buckets look like they are actually sitting on a toilet.
  • Pop-Paring for Bed:
    • (Puffball, holding a guitar)-"I, Popples...make me happy!"
    • The scene where Potato Chip glides on soap could be this.
    • Potato Chip: "But I guess that means you're not gonna watch the late late movie with us!" (giggles)
  • Sports Shop Pop: "'s 497!" "No! There was one golf ball before that!"
  • A Hair-Raising Experience: (Party, after catching a bottle of hair dye) "Boy, am I lucky...I guess not!" The reason is because Party sounds like she's peeing on PC in that scene.
  • Pop Goes The Radio: "No sweat, you just remember if you have trouble in any situation, you know who to call on, hey!" (Party then turns on her radio, and gets electrocuted.)
  • Hurray for Hollywood Popples: Putter dancing on the weather controls could be this.
  • Backyard Bigtop: When the lion's mane on one of the Popples falls off.
  • Backyard Adventure: When Party "describes herself" when Bonnie asks "What gives?"
  • Poppin At The Drive In: When Putter wraps film around Party
  • Popplin' Around The Block: When Punkity and Punkster sing. This is because Punkity can't hit high notes.
  • Moving Day: When the Pufflings knock the boxes down during a song.
  • Tree House Capers: When the anchor hits the camera.
  • Horray For Hollywood Popples: When the goldfish hides from Potato Chip during a song sung to the tune of "Home On The Range".
  • Museum Peace: When the Pufflings poop out an egg.
  • Lemonade Stand-Off: When the Pufflings use a machine to knock lemons from a tree, which cover the screen.
  • Popples Post Office: When Punkity says "Yay! I'm a stamp collector!" after being covered in stamps.
  • Funhouse Folly: When Putter's heart emblem on his foot gets taken off to get water out.
  • Fixer Upper Popples: "Down, boy!" (cuckoo clock bird goes away)
  • Rock Around The Popples: Mike: Hi, Penny! I'm home! Party: Aaaaaaaaaaaugh! Mike's wrapped around by a giant snake!
  • The College Of Popple Knowledge: When Puzzle screws up counting the total Pufflings there are doing a math equation.
  • The Jellybean Jamboree: Party riding on a toilet plunger.
  • Popples Alley: When Steve (the top bowler) says "More like the massacre of the century!"
  • Poppin' At The Zoo: "Flamingo Airlines, the only way to fly!"
  • The Popples Play Peewee Golf: Party literally Breaking the Fourth Wall, and hastily replacing the glass.
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