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Funny: Phil of the Future
  • Keely: What are a couple of teenagers going to do in a dark room with no adult supervision?
  • Phil: Forbidden Romance calls for Forbidden Hedge Trimming.
  • Pim: What kind of name is Keely?
    Phil: Asks Pim.
  • Keely: She's in Indonesia.
    Phil: What? No, you have your latitude and longitude mixed up.
    Keely: (annoyed sigh) I do that several times a day!
    Phil: She's next to Kid Rock and Ricki Lake.
    Keely: I know a shortcut through Tiger Woods. (Phil gives her a strange look) ... I know. This is a weird town.
  • Phil: Keely, Keely, Keely.
    Keely: [pushes Phil gently] Don't you triple Keely me!
  • Barb: That's perfect! I could be the hostess with the mostess!
    Pim: Mom, you can't even make toastess.
  • Phil: What I need you to do is go to the street fair...
    Keely Replicate: I love the street fair.
    Phil: ...with Via...
    Keely Replicate: I love Via.
    Phil: ...while I take Keely, the real Keely, skyaking.
    Keely Replicate: I love skyaking.
    Phil: Yes, but you're going to the street fair.
    Keely Replicate: I love the street fair. (gasp) Pillows!
  • The revelation that new restrictions have been put on time traveling in the future, which is called the "Thanks to the Diffies" law. Lloyd doesn't get why it's called that.
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