Trivia / Phil of the Future

  • Acting for Two: J.P. Manoux as the Vice Principal and Curtis The Caveman.
  • The Danza: Joel Brooks guest stars occasionally as Joel Messerschmitt. This is probably due to his first name being pretty much irrelevant, what with him being a teacher who we only see around his students.
  • Dawson Casting: Averted with Alyson Michalka (16 or 17 by the season finale) and borderline with Ricky Ullman (19 or 20 at the end of the series). A definite example is Ashley Drane, who was 24 when she played Grace in "Stuck in the Meddle With You."
  • Directed by Cast Member: J.P Manoux directs the episode "Wheres The Wizard".
  • Screwed by the Network
  • What Could Have Been: Early material indicated that Barbara was a robot who could remove her head. Likely dropped due to the very awkward questions that would arise from that particular set up.
  • Word of God: Doug Tuber stated that after seeing Ricky Ullman & Alyson Michalka's chemistry on screen he knew Phil and Keely were destined from the start of the series to become more than friends.