Heartwarming / Phil of the Future

  • When Phil Diffy and Keely Teslow become a couple in "Back To The Future (Not The Movie)".
    Keely: We do kinda hang out a lot... together.
    Phil: Yeah. I guess someone could... mistakenly... think we're one of... those things
    Keely: Yes yes, they definetly could... mistakenly
    Phil: Unless... do you want to be a couple?
    Keely: No!
    Phil: No...
    Keely: Do you?
    Phil: No...
    Keely: Yes!
    Phil: Yes?
    Keely: I do!
    Phil: Me too!
    Keely: Yay, we're a couple!
    Phil: Shh!
    Keely: Phil, the whole school just voted us cutest couple. I think they know.

  • When Phil Diffy and Keely Teslow kissed in "Back To The Future (Not The Movie)".
    Keely: Phil! You're still here! Does that mean you're not going?
    Phil: No, no I'm still going.
    Keely: Oh.
    Phil: I didn't want to leave without saying goodbye for real.
    Keely: Yeah
    Phil: [kisses her passionately and everyone cheers]

    Phil: [pulls Keely into a hug]
    Keely: [whispers in Phil's ear, so that only he could hear] In the future will you wait for me?
    Phil: But... Won't you be really, really old?
    Keely: [Gives him a knowing look, and smirks]
    Phil: But that shouldn't matter...See ya, Salt.
    Keely: See ya, Pepper. [pulls him into one last kiss]

  • When Keely kisses Phil on the cheek in "Tia, Via, or Me...Uh"
    Keely: [Keely arrives and kisses Phil on the cheek, pleasantly surprising him.] That's for introducing me to Via.
    Phil: I get a kiss every time I introduce you to a girl. [grabs random girl heading down the hallway] What's your name? Have you met Keely?

  • Keely telling Phil how wonderful he is in "Christmas Break".
    Keely: Phil Diffy, Your the most wonderful boy I have ever known.

  • Keely's reaction to Phil's birthday gift in "Happy Nirday".
    Keely: This is the sweetest, most wonderful, Incredibly beautiful thing anyone has ever done for me.

  • Phil telling Keely how much she means to him in "Time Release Capsule".
    Phil: I thought being remembered a hundred years from now wasn't important. But I'd give a hundred years of memories just to remember the most important, special, wonderful person I've ever met...Keely Teslow."

  • When Phil and Keely acted like they were married in "Dinner Time" and Keely calling him a Sweetie Pie.
    Phil: I wish you did remember though, for a while there it was kind of like we were married.
    Keely: Was it fun?
    Phil: Yeah... it was fun.
    Keely: Cool, well I better get to class.
    Phil: Yeah
    Keely: See ya at lunch sweetie pie [stops then turns towards Phil] I-I mean Phil.

  • Phil saving Pim in "Phillin' In", especially considering that she had spent the entire episode sabotaging him.
    Pim: (waving from a high cliff) I'm up here!
    (Phil goes to save her)
    Keely: You can't climb up there, it's too high.
    • Compounded when after climbing the cliff, instead of yelling at Pim for sabotaging his efforts to earn an afterburner and crashing the skyak, Phil simply hugs her.