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Funny: On a Cross and Arrow
  • Celestia and Solaris flirting with each other. It's especially hilarious if one has read Progress by Andrew J Talon.
    • The possibility that they're trolling each other (and playing along with the trolling) is a pretty funny thought, too.
  • Pinkie Pie and Berry Bubble meeting, and everypony's reaction (on both sides of the coin) to the mega-party they want to throw. And that's how Equestria was un-made.
    • Heck, everything about the two of them!
  • Applejack's description of a stir-crazy Rainbow Dash is pretty entertaining, especially when Dash later gets antsy and Twilight worries that's exactly what's happening.
  • Rainbow Dash convinces Twilight to let her out of the hideout for a brief time with logic. Logic based on her naptimes.
  • Rarity and Elusive trying to seduce each other and making obscenely Large Hams of themselves.
  • "...there were a ton o' ponies standin' n' starin', like they'd just seen Nightmare Moon inna tutu!"
  • The Dramatic Reading makes some of the scenes even funnier. Particularly the delivery of Dusk's "Oh sweet Solaris, what happened to you?!" after Blitz comes to him after his face makes friends with Dash's hoof.
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