Funny / Ojamajo Doremi

  • During the first episode of Season 1, Majo Rika is telling Doremi how difficult her apprenticeship will be. Doremi's response? She is all too happy to accept, much to Majo Rika's surprise and frustration.
    Doremi: To tell you the truth, I've always wanted to be a witch... Please make me a witch? Pleasepleasepleaaaaase?!
  • During Season 1 episode 40, Hazuki is seen running to the doors of her test, screaming all the way because of the ghosts. The ghosts are all too happy to get her to leave.
  • Another from S1. From episode 46, the girls have to impress a number of drunken witches at a talent show. They use stage magic to pull it off, baffling the witches there. What makes it hilarious is the fact that the The High Queen herself tries to pull the tricks off, much to Majorin's chagrin.
  • In Onpu's debut appearance, Tamaki insults Onpu and ends up earning death glares from every male classmate twice. Then when Onpu joins their class, she writes her name on the chalkboard as if she were signing an autograph and makes all the boys very happy. Seki-sensei to erases it and tells Onpu to write her name normally, making the boys upset. Note that Masaru Yada was an exception.
  • How do the girls pass their Level 7 exam? They arrive in the Witch World only to find out that Mota and Motamota preparing to leave for a getaway. Doremi threatens to tell the Witch Queen for not letting them take the test prompting Mota and Motamota decide to give them an automatic pass.
  • The end of one episode depicted Dodo wetting Doremi's bed and Dodo disappears and the bed's mess is seen by Pop and Haruka.
  • When photos of the Ojamajos working at Maho Dou are taken and given to the school's authority figures by Tamaki and Shimakura. Kotake calls Tamaki out on this and Tamaki asks why he even cares and asks if Kotake has a crush on one of the Ojamajos. Kotake is seen blushing and tries to deny it while the other kids have smug looks on their faces.
    • Earlier, the boys were dribbling a basketball in the classroom and accidentally hit Tamaki in the head.
  • While celebrating Doremi's birthday at Maho Dou, Doremi is given a birthday steak and decides to give everyone a small piece. She then realizes that there's only one piece left and goes to eat it only for Kotake to shove a soccer ball in her face. He wishes her a happy birthday and eats the last piece of steak, appalling the other kids and infuriating Doremi. The scene shows us Maho-Dou's exterior while Doremi can be heard yelling at Kotake.
  • In episode 5 of Naisho, Doremi is in class and sees Hana-chan on her tricycle, who is shocked when she sees her.