Recap / Ojamajo Doremi

This is a Recap for Ojamajo Doremi, a currently completed anime series.

Please do not put any comparisons to the dub here. They should go on the analysis section.
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  1. "I'm Doremi! I'm a Witch Apprentice!"
  2. "I Become Hazuki-chan!"
  3. "The Transfer Student From Naniwa! Aiko Debuts!"
  4. 'It's Not Scary If We're All Witches'
  5. 'Grand Opening! House of Magic!'
  6. 'A Liar's First Friendship'
  7. 'Aim For Level 9! Witch Exam'
  8. 'Go to the Witch World!!'
  9. 'Where Did You Go!? Fairy Dodo'
  10. 'Pinch! The Teacher Found Out!!'
  11. 'Early Riser Girl Marina and a Bouquet form the Heart'
  12. 'A Wish for a Precious Shirt'
  13. 'Everyone Fails!? The Level 8 Exam'
  14. 'Laugh and Forgive Me!?'
  15. 'Majo Rika Goes to Kindergarten'
  16. 'Fishing For Love'
  17. 'Yada-kun is a Delinquent!?'
  18. 'Don't Use That! The Forbidden Magic'
  19. 'Hazuki-chan is Kidnapped!'
  20. 'The Rival Makes Her appearance! The Mahou-Dou is in Big Trouble!!'
  21. 'Majo Ruka's Goods are Filled With Danger'
  22. 'The Road to the Level 6 Witch is Long!?'
  23. 'Big Turnaround!? Ojamajos Training'
  24. 'Majo Ruka VS Level 6 Ojamajos'
  25. 'Ojamajo Pop's Arrival'
  26. 'We are the Pureleine!'
  27. 'Oyajide Arrives!?'
  28. 'Love is a Windy Ride Over a Plateau'
  29. 'The Tap Disappeared at the Festival!'
  30. 'I want to Meet the Ghost!'
  31. 'Presents from Mongolia'
  32. 'Defeat Tamaki! The Class President Election'
  33. 'Much Panic at the Athletic Meet'
  34. 'I Want to See My Mother!'
  35. 'The Transfer Student is a Witch Apprentice!?'
  36. 'The Level 4 Exam is DODODODODO!'
  37. 'So Many Magical Frogs!'
  38. 'Ryota and the Monster of the Night'
  39. 'Doremi's Boyfriend is a Middle School Student!'
  40. 'Doremi Wins Easily? The Level 3 Exam'
  41. 'Father and Son, the Move Towards Victory'
  42. 'The Ojamajos Fight For Justice!?'
  43. 'Tearful Memories of Papa and the Fireworks'
  44. 'I Want to be a Female Pro Wrestler!'
  45. 'Help Santa!'
  46. 'The Witches' Talent Show'
  47. 'Father's Arranged Marriage Meeting'
  48. 'Onpu's E-Mail Was a Love Letter!?'
  49. 'I Want to Meet Papa! The Dream Placed on the Overnight Express'
  50. 'The Last Witch Apprentice Exam'
  51. 'Farewell, Mahou-dou'
    Sharp (#
  1. 'Doremi Becomes a Mom!?'
  2. 'Raising a Baby is a Lot of Trouble!'
  3. 'Don't Fall Asleep! Pop's Witch Apprentice Exam'
  4. 'Doremi Fails as a Mom!?'
  5. 'So Long, Oyajide'
  6. 'Lies and Truth in Flower Language'
  7. 'Hana-chan's Health Examination'
  8. 'Across Time, In Search of Onpu's Mom's Secret!'
  9. 'The Search for the Herbs! Mahou-dou's Bus trip'
  10. 'High School Student Aiko is 'The Girl Who Ran'!?'
  11. 'Hazuki-chan Learns How to Dance!?'
  12. 'The Health Examination's Yellow Cards!'
  13. 'Doremi Becomes a Bride?'
  14. 'Pop's First Love? Her Beloved Jyunichi-sensei!'
  15. 'Mother's Day and the Drawing of Mother'
  16. 'First Time Crawling!? Big Panic at the Harukaze House!'
  17. 'Hana-chan's Crawling Exam'
  18. 'Dodo Runs Away from Home!!'
  19. 'Doremi and Hazuki's Big Fight'
  20. 'I Can Meet Mom! Aiko's Tearful Reunion'
  21. 'The Misanthropist Majo Don and the Promise of the Herb'
  22. 'The Wizard's Trap - Oyajide Returns'
  23. 'Using New Powers to Rescue Hana-chan!'
  24. 'Fried Bread Power is Scary!'
  25. 'The Mysterious Pretty Boy, Akatsuki-kun Appears!'
  26. 'Kanae-chan's Diet Plan'
  27. 'The Herb From the North and the Precious Memories'
  28. 'Health Examination Full of Hidden Dangers'
  29. 'Everyone Disappears During the Test of Courage!?'#
  30. 'Seki-sensei's Got a Boyfriend!?'
  31. 'The FLAT4 Arrive from the Wizard World!'
  32. 'Fly Away! Dodo and the Other Fairies' Big Transformation'
  33. 'Say Cheese During the Class Trip!']
  34. [[Ojamajo Doremi S 2 E 34 Takoyaki Is The Taste Of Making Up "Takoyaki is the Taste of Making Up"]
  35. 'Aim for the Top in the Sports Festival!'
  36. 'Aiko and her Rival! Sports Showdown!!'
  37. 'Hana-chan and Pop are Both Taking Examinations!'
  38. 'Hazuki-chan's a Great Director!'
  39. 'A Selfish Child and the Angry Monster'
  40. 'The Piano Comes to the Harukaze House!'
  41. 'Chase After Onpu! The Path to Becoming an Idol'
  42. 'The Witch Who Does Not Cast Magic'
  43. 'Hana-chan's Our Classmate!?'
  44. 'A Happy White Christmas'
  45. 'Ojamajo Era Drama: The Young Girls Show Their Valor!'
  46. 'The Last Examination - Hana-chan's Mom Will Protect Her!'
  47. 'Give Back Hana-chan! The Great Magic Battle'
  48. 'Hana-chan's Dying!?'
  49. 'Goodbye, Hana-chan'
  1. 'Doremi, A Stormy New Semester'
  2. 'Momoko Cried!? The Secret Behind the Piercing'
  3. 'I Hate You! But I Would Like to Be Your Friend'
  4. 'Welcome to the Sweet House!'
  5. 'The SOS Trio is disbanding!?'
  6. 'Challenge! The First Patisserie Exam'
  7. 'Welcome Back, Hana-chan!'
  8. 'What Are True Friends?'
  9. 'Hazuki and Masaru's Treasure'
  10. 'I Don't Want to Become an Adult!'
  11. 'The unstoppable Teacher!!'
  12. 'Kotake VS Demon Coach Igarashi'
  13. 'I Want to Ride the Ship of Dreams!'
  14. 'An Up and Down Happy Birthday'
  15. 'Do You like Your Beautiful Mother? Or Hate Her?'
  16. 'Just Being Delicious isn't Enough!?'
  17. 'Her Destined Rival!! Harukaze and Tamaki'
  18. 'Scoop!! A Child's Idol Day'
  19. 'Nothing But Fights, Like Father, Like Son'
  20. 'A New Classmate'
  21. 'We're Out of Magical Ingredient!!'
  22. 'Pop Becomes an Elder Sister!?'
  23. 'Clams By the Shore'
  24. 'Rock and Roll in the Music Club!?'
  25. 'A Lonely Summer Vacation'
  26. 'Deliver Her Feelings! Aiko Goes to Osaka'
  27. 'Break Through the Malicious Exam!'
  28. 'All Sorts of Dangers at the Witch Kindergarten!'
  29. 'Terror! The Curse of the Well'
  30. 'Please Give Us the Illusionary Recipe!'
  31. 'We'll Cure It! Her Hatred of Vegetables'
  32. 'Momoko's Mom training'
  33. 'Undefeatable!? The Ojamajo Lends a Helping Hand'
  34. 'Remember! The Legendary Sweet'
  35. 'Tamaki, Taking Over!?'
  36. 'Hazuki's Delicious Idea'
  37. 'The Fairies Want a Break!!'
  38. 'I want to go to School!'
  39. 'The School Performance! Who'll be the Main Character?'
  40. 'Hana-chan, Digging Sweet Potatoes!'
  41. 'Visiting the Village of the Magic Frogs'
  42. 'Heartpounding! The Mysterious Magic of the Twins'
  43. 'Ojamajos Cross the Ocean'
  44. 'Ai-chan's Going Back!?'
  45. 'Merry Christmas with Everyone!'
  46. 'A Messed Up Magical Year-End Celebration'
  47. 'Hana-chan's Big Adventure'
  48. LastExam 'No Hints! The Last Exam'
  49. 'Please Wake Up! The Controlled Momoko'
  50. 'Goodbye Witch Apprentices'
  1. 'The Surprised Doremi! The New Ojamajo'
  2. 'Hana-chan Becomes a 6th Grader!'
  3. 'I Won't Lose to Hana-chan!'
  4. 'Mahou-dou is Falling Apart!?'
  5. 'The Honest Onpu'
  6. 'The Mystery Combo of Class Librarians!?'
  7. 'Open Up! The Door to Your Heart'
  8. 'Did They Figure it Out!? Hana-chan's secret'
  9. 'Hazuki's Shining Star'
  10. 'School Trip!! It's Tough Being the Group Leader'
  11. 'Nara! The Reunion of Fate'
  12. 'Kyoto! The Never-Ending Night'
  13. 'Mutsumi's Retirement Announcement'
  14. 'Gotta Be Prepared! The Level 7 Exam'
  15. 'Mom, You Don't Understand!'
  16. 'How to make a Rainbow that Doesn't Disappear'
  17. 'Protect the Secret Base'
  18. 'Where There Are Woofs, There is Love'
  19. 'My Father Can't Be Honest!?'
  20. 'Momoko's Search for Her Dream'
  21. 'I Love You! Oyajide'
  22. 'Don't Go, Kimitaka!!'
  23. 'I Quit Tanabata!'
  24. 'Love and Justice! We are the Majo Rangers!'
  25. 'They Can Create Smiles!? The Mysterious Glass Cups'
  26. 'Heating Up with Camping and Curry!?'
  27. 'Nice to Meet You, White Elephant!'
  28. 'The Grandmothers are Invincible!?'
  29. 'Don't Let Go! Our Connecting Hands'
  30. 'A Suspicious Shadow!? Uneasiness Throughout the Witch World'
  31. 'Pao-chan is a Troublesome Magic Elephant!?'
  32. 'I'm a Good Kid, But I'm Frustrated'
  33. 'The Wavering Onpu'
  34. 'Always Together with Baba'
  35. 'Zoom Off to the Level 4 Exam?'
  36. 'The Bicycle that Goes Anywhere'
  37. 'Disarray!? The Sleeping Wizards'
  38. 'Finally a Second Marriage!? Aiko's Decision'
  39. 'Wholeheartedly! A Happy White Rose'
  40. 'Doremi and the Witch Stop Being Witches'
  41. 'Pop Becomes a Witch Early On!?'
  42. 'I Have to Decide! Hazuki's Road'
  43. 'The Level 1 Exam! Tamaki's Desperate Situation!!'
  44. 'Hurry, Urgent! The Final Clue!'
  45. 'The Brambles of Sorrow, Disappear!'
  46. 'Farewell, the Curse of the Witch Frogs!'
  47. 'Even If You Go Far Away'
  48. 'Aiko's Number One Happy Day'
  49. 'Forever, Forever Friends'
  50. 'Goodbye, Troublesome Witches'
  51. 'Thank You! Until We Meet Again'